July 01, 2016

How To Choose A Network Marketing Company

Robert Kiyosaki approves Networking
Network Marketing Or MLM is a direct selling industry which is helping people live the life they want. There are thousands of Network Marketing Companies out there with more being found almost everyday. This makes it difficult to choose the right company to partner with because you can be approached by so many companies at a time. Most people join considering the wrong factors which i'll be talking about. During the dawn of my network marketing career, i made so many mistakes changing from company to company and all the decisions i made was by the same wrong factors which yield no result. This is what most people have being through and they think this industry is a scam. This industry has created more millionaires than any other industry and that is a fact. Deciding which network marketing company to partner with can sometimes be tedious but I'm going to show you how to choose the best Network Marketing Company if you're faced with this decision. Some articles will give you so many factors to choose from but i'll give you only four and if you follow them, you will be in the hands of a great company. Lets begin.

First Factor to Consider Is The Company's Products.

Most people join Network Marking Companies because of the lucrative compensation plan they see but the truth is, almost every Network Marketing Company has a lucrative compensation plan. If you blindly choose a network marketing company, they will surely have a lucrative compensation plan.So the first thing to consider is the products. You ask yourself these questions, how unique is the products? Does it have any solid research to support their claims? Does it have a ready market? Is it a common product with so many competitors? How long will people continue to need this product? Has it being certified by any known institution? etc. Make sure the product is unique. You noticed i did not add price. This is because, If the product is unique and does what it claims with very little or no competitors and has a ready market, then price is not a problem. People will buy no matter how high the products are priced.

I chose products as the first factor because, the life span of a company depends its products. If the products are not unique, there company may die out soon. Most network marketing companies died because no one needed their products anymore. Imagine if Nokia was a network marketing company selling their Symbian devices, what will be the state of their company now? No one needs a Symbian device now. We have android, windows and other great devices which means, Nokia will be out of the race. Product is very very important.

Second thing you should Consider is Team Support.

Team Support is one of the best way to keep you up in the game. Network Marketing is a profession and you cannot do it just on your own(you can but...it's just boring alone). A very strong team support can increase your chances of success more than you can imagine. When you have a team that supports and motivates you, you always feel at home. This is common in most network marketing companies. The team always wishes you to succeed because your success is their success.  A great team support help you succeed immensely.

Availability Of Network Marketing Training

As i said before, network marketing is a profession. If you went to school to become a doctor and you want to do accountancy as a part time job, you have to take an accountancy course. Same applies to network marketing but..... the beauty about this industry is that, you learn while you earn. The training given by some companies can be applied in all aspect of life and can be life changing. A company that provides the right training for it partners is worth partnering with. Some companies just give out the products and the compensation plan to their new partners expecting them to somehow figure out how this whole business works. These are the companies you have to avoid. A good Network Marketing Company is one that spend so much just so you can get the right training to help you succeed.

Company Profile

Now you know how insignificant a company's profile is if it meets all the above criteria. A company's profile won't be something you have to worry about if they have unique and excellent products, Team support and Availability of Training because they are already on the right track. Something they did in the past was in the past. Plug into the system and play the game. Most companies made mistakes in the past and that does not prove anything. A company with a breakthrough, unique and life changing product will not think of ending operations now or ever.

Note: The compensation plan should not be your reason for joining a network marketing company. Almost every network marketing has a lucrative compensation plan that can make you a millionaire but the products speaks most. Most people fail in network marketing because the first mistake they make when they join is to reinvent the wheel. There is a wheel of success in this industry. If you follow certain steps, you will surely succeed but new partners try to reinvent the whole process. They try to use their own methods which mostly fail. Don't do that when you find the right business. Just plug into the system and Play. Very Simple, PLUG AND PLAY.

If i'm to recommend a company for you, then it will be Max International. I won't talk much about the company but they meet all the above criteria and have a breakthrough product with no competitors. Read more about the company <<<<here>>>>.

I hope you find the right company. Welcome to the MultiBillion Dollar Business

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